Delivering feedback well is hard. Let's make it easier.

A useful format for delivering feedback well is Lara Hogan’s Feedback Equation.

How it Works

The Feedback Wizard prompts you to describe your concerns in a structured way, based on the Feedback Equation.

Then, it uses the power of magic GPT-4 to draft your feedback in a kind yet actionable format – so you can deliver it in a way that not only lands, but helps the other person grow.

Ready to level up your feedback?


About the Feedback Wizard

The Feedback Wizard is a tool built by Steamclock and Forestwalk.

Our goal with the Feedback Wizard is to help people deliver better feedback, with the combination of OpenAI’s GPT-4 and some thoughtful prompting based on Lara Hogan’s Feedback Equation.

Additional Reads

If you’re interested in more thoughtful feedback resources, we've handpicked some recommendations for you:

Attribution for The Feedback Equation belongs to Lara Hogan.


On Privacy

Here at Steamclock, we take privacy seriously. The Feedback Wizard uses OpenAI’s GPT-4. At a high level:

  • We do not collect any data, except information you may email us.
  • For the Wizard to function, we pass your inputs to OpenAI's GPT-4's APIs. You can read their API data usage policies, which as of Aug 2023 state that they only retain data for 30 days for abuse and misuse prevention purposes.
  • We use Fathom's cookieless analytics, so we know how many folks are visiting this site.
  • We don’t save data on our own servers.

Steamclock has a more in-depth Privacy Policy. If you have any questions or concerns, you can reach us at